Grooming Services (listed on a per pet basis)

Simple Grooming Package

$35 and Up

A Simple Grooming Package consists of a nail clipping, ear plucking/cleaning, bath and brush/de-shedding.

Nail Clipping


Ear Cleaning/Plucking

$7 and Up

Cleaning Only: $7
Cleaning and Plucking: $10

Sanitary Trim


Nails & Ears


Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning/Plucking combined.


$15 and Up

Mostly for long haired breeds. De-matting may be performed, if necessary, to long haired, non-shedding breeds, for an additional charge.

Simple Bath Only

$20 and Up

Mostly for short haired breeds, or pets that have already been trimmed/shaved to a short coat.

Anal Gland Expression


As undesirable as it sounds, the expression of a pets anal glands is sometimes a necessary part of the grooming process and also a necessary part of canine & feline maintenance.

Services provided outside of the immediate service area may incur a small travel fee.