Welcome to Sit! Stay! While You're Away.

We're glad you took the time to consider the specialized pet care and companionship that we offer. Rest assured you will find all of your needs met here with us, as we go above and beyond the typical pet care scope. Let us share a little bit about ourselves with you, as we hope that opening up will allow you to feel more comfortable knowing just who you are dealing with before you jump head first into a commitment.

Sit! Stay! While You're Away. is owned and operated by myself, Melissa Walters. Being in the pet care field for more than 10 years, I have covered all fields of employment in the pet care industry. My expertise began with generalized pet care and training. Basic pet well-being and simplified behavior modification were at the very heart of my ongoing passion for animals. Shortly after this, I began working on full service pet grooming. More than six of my ten years in pet care were focused on grooming, of which a multitude of elements were included. Bathing and brushing were the bare minimums of pet hygiene, as well as nail clipping/filing, ear plucking, cleaning and flushing and basic sanitary trims of the pads of the feet, underneath the tail and the undercarriage/groin areas. My experience with grooming took off from there and I went on to full services scissored pet cuts, as well as clipper cuts/shaving of all breeds of both dogs and cats, at both private and commercial grooming shops, such as PetSmart. And, most recently, my pet care experience branched out into veterinary medicine! I am trained in vaccinations and phlebotomy, as well as microchipping, and I have a wealth of knowledge in domestic pet health conditions and commonly prescribed medications. My entire reason for wanting to acquire training in veterinary practices was so that I would have the most knowledge to deliver to my client base at Sit! Stay! While You're Away.

While all that I have learned allows me to provide the best possible care for my clients and their pets, I wanted to spend more of my time just loving the pets I was with, so I began pet sitting. It started with family, then friends, then neighbors, then neighbors friends and then, well, here we are today. I've begun my own, diverse version of pet care and companionship with Sit! Stay! While You're Away.

I'm sure I could go on for hours about my credentials and my passion for animals, but I bet you're much too busy to spend your day reading. Instead, why not take a look around, see all that we offer, and then give us a call to set up your free in-home consultation. We're available 7 days a week to meet and discuss your needs, your pets' needs and the comfort and companionship they deserve when you have to be away from home.